Christmas Staging to Make Your Home Stand Out

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Decorating the family home for the holiday is a tradition in many families. However, if you are selling your home, you might feel hesitant to show your holiday spirit. During this time, decorating your home gives it charm and helps it feel welcoming to buyers. Before you start throwing up lights and decorating, there are a few ideas which can help buyers fall in love with your home.

Start by lighting up your home. On your home's exterior, place simple strands of lights which can highlight the best features. Attach any outside fixtures in such a way the house isn't damaged. While there, inspect all other exterior lighting to ensure everything is brightly lit. Keep the lighting simple so it accentuates without overpowering your home's charm. Finish your outside decorating with a nice wreath or elegant door hanging to welcome visitors.


Inside, start a fire before a viewing, giving your home a warm and cozy feeling. Also, if you decorate with candles, light them to continue the ambience. Be careful with this, as they could potentially set your home on fire; it's always a good idea to have someone nearby to keep an eye on things.


Use garlands and other strands of holiday décor to showcase the best interior features such as mantles and doorways. If you like having a tree, place one in a central room, such as your living room. Keep your tree simple and elegant. A single strand of lights trailing around it and decorations which match are a great way to go. Don't forget to clean up after your tree if you use a live one! Also, place a few presents under the tree, but don't place so many it feels crowded or takes over the room.


Choose neutral items to decorate with. Avoid anything religious or overly gaudy. Aim for your decorations to be beautiful and elegant. They should accentuate the best features of your home inside and out. Using gold, silver, or white as your color scheme is a classic way to achieve this. Overall, pick décor which fits you and your home.


Remember, normal staging still matters. Keep your home clean and dust free. Remove any personal items such as family photos and greeting cards to depersonalize the space. Since we are in winter, placing subtle, natural seasonal items, such as pinecones and mistletoe around the house is a great idea. Use these items as centerpieces so they seem intentional and decorative. Set warm blankets and throws on couches and other seating areas. Everything should piece together and make your home feel warm and inviting.


Decorating your home is meant to be fun and a good family event. Enjoy this time with family watching your home staging come together. If you need ideas, Staging Works and HGTV have great ideas and guidelines to follow. 


Springs Lifestyles is giving back for the holiday! If you buy or sell with us in Dec/Jan/Feb, we will give $500.00 to the charity of your choice. 


Happy Holidays!