Can Pokemon Go Help Sell Your Home?


If you are planning to sell your home, there are a lot of details to consider, especially when it comes to your listing, and any open house viewings. There are common catchphrases used across the real estate industry to help draw in potential buyers. Describing a property as a cottage or bungalow, or highlighting popular features such as smart products and eco-friendly upgrades, will catch the attention of buyers looking for these features in a home. There are also trends and ideas that come and go, but can make a big impact in buyer interest for a time. There is one new trend just getting started which has already been put to use by home sellers. Recently highlighted by CNBC, the popular AR (Alternative Reality) game, Pokemon Go, is now showing up in MLS properties.

You may wonder why a mobile app with imaginary creatures that “pop-up” at various locations around town would be of interest to a seller; but there is a strategy behind the inclusion of Poke Stops or Pokemon Gyms in a listing. The Pokemon Go mobile app game draws players to locations around the globe, and right in your own neighborhood, too. While you may not have your own Poke Stop, with the game app, you can see if there are wild Pokemon near your property (they like recreational areas a lot), or there may be a Poke Gym nearby. This game is gaining in popularity across all age groups; the potential to have buyers who play the game is growing, quickly spreading across cities and towns everywhere. So why not give your listing an extra kick which may catch the eye of a buyer who happens to enjoy Pokemon Go?

Your listing is your first impression for potential buyers. We live in such a mobile, fast paced world now, that the quicker you can capture someone’s attention, the more likely you are to keep their interest. With resource and tool apps, and social media being part of the average daily routine for the majority of people now, businesses and industries have realized the benefit of “playing the game” in the playing field of our digital world. As a home seller, you can take advantage of this, too. If you have a Pokemon Go feature near your home, by including it on your listing, you may just attract that one buyer with Pokemon Go, who turns out to be the buyer for your home.

While the popularity of Pokemon Go may lessen over time, keeping up on current social trends and popular features is a wise thing to do when it comes to selling your home. Including sought after features and neighborhood amenities in your listing is part of what draws potential buyers’ attention. The broader the pool of potential buyers you can reach, the better your chances are for selling your home quickly. When you are ready to sell or buy your home, we at Springs LifeStyles Real Estate are here to help you with all of your real estate needs! As your buyer agent, we will strive to give you the best support we can. Call Kathy Stenberg at (719) 963-4867 or you can email her at You can also visit us at our website for available listings and additional information.